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Discover yourself and bring out the real doctor in you to treat or to care for your patients

Welcome to The League of Dentists

We, Dr Srivats Bharadwaj and Dr Paramjot Kaur, believe that dentistry is a great profession.
Just like you, we began our journey decades ago and went through the struggles and turbulences that came by in our profession. It was not easy, but we learnt to succeed through all of them. We are here to share the insights, tips, tricks and the unspoken mantra to prosper.

How We Work


Post enrolment, Introduction call and understanding your needs.


We will develop a personalised version of the program you have chosen.


Your Journey with us begins with your personalized workshops and sessions.

Our Programs

Dental Energizer Program
This is an exclusive program for dentists and dental students who are demotivated and are struggling...
Impact Consultation
Innovations in oral care
Did you ever wonder why you need to wait for someone else to create the future? We believe, if you have...
How to envision a Charitable Dental Initiative
As we progress in this fast-paced world of advancement, one must never forget the altruistic goal of...
Approach to Paediatric and special needs care
Children dentistry is the future of dentistry. As the awareness about oral health is increasing among...

Upcoming Events

Transform Your Life & Live Your Dream
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21 Jan
January 21, 2021 12:00 am. New York, USA
Life and Business like a rock star
Researve My Seat
21 Jan
January 21, 2021 12:00 am. New York, USA
Self-Improvement & Wellness
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While I had lost hope and was drifting away from dentistry, The League of Dentists has totally transformed my perspective about how fun and noble this profession is.

— Dr. Sinchana Vijayakumar BDS

Terry helped me a lot in my professional career. I cannot recommend him enough.

— Alexander Green
CEO at Amply

Terry makes it really simple for people 
to reach their full potential and delivers 
his message in 
a practical way. I feel 
on top of the world.

— Grace Walsh
Marketing Director at Wilst
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