Meet the Mentors of LOD

Having combined successful experience panning over 35 years in the field of dentistry.

Prof. Dr. Srivats Bharadwaj

Qualification:- BDS, MDS, FADI (USA)
Founder and Chief Mentor, The League of Dentists®
Founder, Vats & Param Inc.,
Founder, Vatsalya Dental,
Founding Member, The Holomedicine Association,

Founder Trustee – Vatsalya Oral Health Foundation,
Committee Member – ACAMH India
Editorial Board Member- Global Healthcare Journal
Healthcare Entrepreneur,
Educationalist and Health-Tech Consultant.

Dr. Srivats Bharadwaj is a healthcare entrepreneur, innovator, educator, and leading dental surgeon with over 24 years of global experience in practicing and teaching dentistry. He set up Vatsalya Dental as a practice in Bangalore 18 years ago and over the years, built it into a leading chain of dental clinics that were ranked amongst the best in the world. With the same focus and intent, he, along with Dr Kaur, has established his speciality practice called Vats & Param – The Dentists.


Dr. Bharadwaj has taught and practiced dentistry at several Indian and international universities and was professor and HOD at many dental colleges in Bangalore. He has also served as the Clinical Director of Special Olympics International and was a Council Member of the International Association for Disability and Oral Health. Dr Bharadwaj is also the founding member of The Holomedicine association. He has represented his thoughts and knowledge at various local, national, and international platforms, and has been recognized as one of the best dental educators globally.


Dr. Bharadwaj has published several articles in national and international journals and publications. He is driven by his dream to make cutting-edge healthcare services accessible to all, regularly organizing oral health treatment programs and outreach initiatives across the remotest areas of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. He successfully set up one of the world’s largest charitable initiatives delivering world class oral care to the deprived sections of the society. He pioneered the concept of providing comprehensive 24 x 7 home dental and mobile dental services, for the aged and specially-abled.


He also set up the first-of-its kind innovation and incubation centre for dentistry in the country with the intention of nurturing path-breaking ideas and innovations amongst young dental professionals. Dr. Bharadwaj is extremely passionate about teaching and empowering the next generation of dentists with the knowledge and guidance they need to make a genuine difference in their career, and to dentistry and healthcare in general.


The genesis of The League of Dentists® lies in this dream and passion of his.

Dr. Paramjot Kaur

Qualification:- BDS, MDS (Periodontology)
Founder, Mentor and Business Strategist, The League of Dentists®,
Founder, Vats & Param Inc.,
Founding Member, The Holomedicine Association,

Trustee – Vatsalya Oral Health Foundation 
Former Clinical Director, Vatsalya Dental,
Healthcare Entrepreneur.

Dr Paramjot Kaur is not only a Specialist Periodontist but is also an expert in bone augmentation and grafting, full mouth rehabilitation, women’s care, geriatric care, bio-aesthetic dentistry and smile design, with over a decade of experience. Dr Kaur is also the founding member of The Holomedicine Association.


Dr Kaur was the Clinical Director at Vatsalya Dental and was credited for championing improvements in the clinical outcomes and protocols. She led mentoring the dentists in key areas of clinical dentistry, practice management, leadership skills, patient care, and crisis management.


Under her guidance, Vatsalya Dental grew from a two-clinic set-up to become a multi-centre establishment following global clinical practice standards. Dr. Kaur is a strict disciplinarian who prioritizes patient care, connecting with her patients with empathy and gentleness, even as she drives superlative treatment outcomes. To deliver the great care and great dental experience to her patients Dr Kaur, along with Dr Bharadwaj, has founded her speciality practice
called Vats & Param – The Dentists.


She is driven by her enthusiasm to share her experiences and learnings with the next generation of dentists, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge required to master the art of dentistry and its practice.


One of the missions that Dr Kaur focuses on is to provide insights into important and complex issues that dental students and practicing professionals face, whether it is about understanding a concept and its clinical application, challenges of working in a clinic or running your own practice, and how these problems can be tackled from a behavioural lens and by using different strategies.


Finally, she believes that there is a need to push forward the science and art of dentistry in the right direction to increase its visibility and impact.

When in Doubt, Choose Change.

Message from the Mentors

Dr Bharadwaj and Dr Kaur are determined to positively impact the profession of dentistry by sharing their knowledge through their combined successful experience panning over 35 years.


They started The League of Dentists®, which is an incredibly unique initiative targeted at breaking the “blind leading the blind” phenomenon which has led dentists to believe that there is no future in dentistry. Dr Bharadwaj and Dr Kaur bring in, unconventional learning techniques and share their own journey and learnings, which are simple, effective and cause a lifelong positive transformation to the learner.


The idea behind The League of Dentists® is to create a transparent knowledge transfer of the intricate aspects of being a successful dentist, who not only is financially rewarded but also enjoys a long fulfilling career as a dentist.


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