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Why The League of Dentists

Every healthcare professional wants to improve the lives of people, wants to transform the healthcare system, and serve the society at large.

Truly altruistic thinking, no doubt! Then, why is there an increasing sense of mistrust between the doctor and the patient? Why do patients feel that healthcare is no more noble as it used to be ?


The general population feels that the dentists are leading a comfortable life, having the advantages of time management, rare emergencies and relatively low risk patient work, but the dental community is largely in disagreement and thinks there is no future for dentists.


We, Dr Srivats Bharadwaj and Dr Paramjot Kaur, as dentists went to similar colleges, did similar exercises, and read similar books to learn the art and science of dentistry, but there was a large scale dissatisfaction and lack of clarity as to why are we learning what we are learning.


The journey continued in search of solutions. The unfortunate part is that even today, decades later, dentists are still going through the same struggles and stress, and are highly dissatisfied in their professional careers. The reputation of having “no future and no scope in dentistry” still seems to be the most prevalent dialogue among dental students, teachers and practitioners.


Every dentist is either trying to go abroad or change the profession. They have lost confidence in dentistry and in themselves. Upon interviewing many dentists we understood that there is willingness in them to continue in the profession if they are given a good platform to practice dentistry, if there is someone who can genuinely guide them, handhold them and show them the right path through their careers.


In our personal practice we garnered huge success and love from our patients and each day was a satisfying one, with eagerness to go to the clinic the next day. While many dentists whom we knew were either complaining about their practices or not enjoying their profession.


As time went by, it became increasingly evident that there was more to the “gap” than just having a great place to work with state-of-the-art equipment. This made us more and more curious and led us deep into the search for a solution to make dentistry great again!


We soon understood that it’s not merely an opportunity that dentists are lacking, but there is a serious gap in what they learn at dental schools and what they are supposed to practice. The gap is even more stark as the training atmosphere in dental schools do not expose the students to real life scenarios of clinical practice due to understandable limitations. There is almost no concept of building your personality as a dentist and how you will be able to bring that into context in your daily dental practice. If dentists simply read up about “what patients expect from their doctors  “ they will realize the need for changing what they have been doing all this while.


The obsession to ensure that dental students and dentists do not lose hope in this great profession and to ensure that their patients get satisfactory and ethical care, we started The League of Dentists® which is focused on making sure that dentists equip themselves with this valuable initiative and the skills learnt in our programs will augment their clinical skill and enhance their outcomes and make their patients happy and compliant.


We now understand that the need of the hour is to change the way dentists are approaching their patient care. This, we believe, will largely solve the patient-doctor mistrust, make patients more complaint and will restore joy of dental practice to dentists.

When in Doubt, Choose Change.


We all understand that our learning at dental schools can be limited because it may not expose us to real life practice scenarios due to the limitations of a dental school environment. We, at The League Of Dentists, have translated our combined 35 years of learnings, struggles and success into high impact customised programmes that will make your learning not just practical and real, but will surely make you practise ready in the shortest span of time.


Today I’m financially independent, happily married,  travel a lot and leadershiping. I believe that my mission today is to teach as many people as I can how to succeed in life, how to be happy and live every single day with a purpose. Believe me, it isn’t hard and reading my story is already a first step. Congratulations! You are on the right way, Looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers!

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